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Succession Planning & Emergency Transition Management

Leaders will depart.  Be ready.  Plan ahead.
Succession planning is a critical risk management tool for planned and unplanned changes in your leadership team.
Emergency transition plans are your first step to prepare for unexpected departures.


"I went into Betsy’s Succession Planning session thinking that I had a handle on what we needed to work on for our succession plan. There was much that was shared that reinforced that we have been “doing the right” thing in preparing our succession plan. This was comforting. What I also learned were the areas that we had not focused on and how important these areas are to get right (well-defined job descriptions comes to mind). Collectively, I learned a lot about what I do and DO NOT have in place. I left the session with the energy and direction I needed to make a difference in our planning process."

Marion Reinson / Executive Director, The Suppers Programs Inc. / 2020

"Thanks so much for the guidance and insight you provided to the Isles Transition Committee as we undertake the process of selecting a search firm or consultant.  I also appreciate the references and article you provided and your thoughts about how to support our founder during this time of transition." 

Linda Revelle / Board Chair, Isles Inc. / 2019 Transition Project

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