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Strategic Staffing & Performance Management

We create high-performing organizational cultures by developing and implementing organization-specific models of Core Values and Behaviors/Skills to align all aspects of the Performance Management process including:
  • Hiring, training & development
  • Performance review coaching & feedback
  • Leadership Development and Succession planning


"Betsy facilitated a meeting which encompassed a large and diverse group of individuals.  Staff members from the store and office were able to interact with one another in a comfortable off-site environment where they were encouraged to share positive feedback through short exercises.  It was the first time that the entire staff met in the same location and for some it was an opportunity to connect in person without interruption.  Betsy was well prepared and encouraged people to participate who were a little reserved while keeping the more talkative individuals on task—not an easy feat!


The meeting was scheduled to discuss the analysis of one-on-one interviews with Betsy regarding our non-profit organization’s mission and vision.  We discussed how each person’s values and skills aligned with the organizational ethos.  It was an eye-opening experience to find out how many of the self-identified values overlapped with those of our organization as a whole.  We know that our team feels passionate about the work that we do but the  group and individual exercises reinforced the common cluster of values.  We also gained a new perspective on how others may feel differently based upon prior life and work experiences.


I would highly recommend Wallace Leadership Consulting for your human resource and development consulting needs."

Kristen Cere / Development Director, RISE / 2018 Project for RISE 

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