1 - 1 Coaching

With a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication, Betsy is an experienced interpersonal skills coach for executives, leaders, professionals, and students, developing their potential within the context of their organizational and career goals.  Our coaching services are available for:

  • Managerial Coaching and Feedback

  • Interpersonal skills/Interactive listening skills

  • Persuasion & Influence

  • Presentation and Interviewing skills

  • Interpersonal Relationship Building/Repair

Business Coaching Areas We Cover:

Executive Coaching

Interpersonal Skills Coaching

Student Coaching


“Betsy has saved me several times with regard to my career challenges. She has delivered tremendous coaching, wisdom, and support. She draws from many years of experience at Fortune 500 companies for which she has worked in sales, executive development and human resources, and 1-1 coaching roles. This gives her a wealth of knowledge and some very unique and valuable perspectives. Importantly, she helped me prepare for my interviews which built tremendous confidence and inspired an extremely positive approach."

Andy Rich / Sales Executive / 2018

"Superb facilitation skills.  Valuable 1-1 Coach. Betsy facilitated a 2-hour planning meeting for my staff of 15.  The team-building exercise she designed was very powerful and strengthened relationships between team members.  Equally valuable for me, Betsy gave me important feedback and insightful recommendations to help me create the right organizational culture for my team." 

Leslie Koppel / Executive Director, RISE / 2018

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