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Leadership Assessment


Readiness Check for Nonprofit Leaders


The Readiness Check survey is designed for nonprofit professionals to get feedback on key leadership skills and attributes.  The dimensions are specifically tailored for leaders working toward senior-level positions including the Executive Director/CEO role.

The feedback report provides a snapshot of levels of proficiency on 15 competencies in 2 key areas of nonprofit leadership:  Technical Skills and Leadership Skills.

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Readiness Check Process:


Set the context:

Invite your Supervisor or a Trusted Advisor (mentor, former manager, trusted peer) to complete the survey to give you feedback.

Complete your Personal Career Check to review your career preferences.





Complete the Readiness Assessment survey via email and  SurveyMonkey.  The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete.  Your results will be combined with your Supervisor's input to create one feedback report.  You, the participant, will receive the only copy.


Review your feedback report in a facilitated session.  During the review, you will place your feedback in the context of your Personal Career Check.  You will compare your input with the assessment of your Supervisor to highlight your strengths and those areas that are opportunities to grow.  And, you will capture any questions you want to discuss with your Supervisor and trusted mentor and peers.




Create your Personal Development Plan to build on your core strengths and develop your areas of growth.  


"I thought that the Readiness Check was one of the most reflective and helpful tools from the Leading From Within program.  It broke out the skill sets perfectly and was detailed enough to really get a handle on my strengths and weaknesses.  There were a few things that I didn’t know what I didn’t know!  

Thank you for providing this important tool!"

Beth Englezos / Manager of Hunger Prevention / Jewish Family & Children’s Service of GMC / 2022

"I cannot thank you enough for your tireless efforts, skillful training, and contribution of your expertise to our emerging leaders program.  Thank you for sharing your training expertise on the Leading From Within program planning committee.  The Readiness Tool that you created provided the perfect map for our emerging leaders to develop for future roles.  It is a pleasure working with you to create this impactful program."   

Allison Howe / Executive Director, NonProfitConnect / 2021-2022

“The specific language in the Readiness Check made it much easier for me to have helpful conversations with my manager about my skills and areas to improve."

Readiness Check Participant / 2021

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