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Organizational Consulting

We provide strategic consulting to enhance individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.  

In every organization, Human Resources are our most valuable resources.  This is true for Fortune 100's and nonprofits.  Staff and Board leadership development are critical for long-term sustainability and success.

Leadership/Staff Development + Succession Planning = Good Business.  Why? 

  • Smooth transition planning demonstrates risk management commitment

  • Reassures clients, funders, and key stakeholders   

  • Reduces stress

  • Prepares for growth and change

We especially value working with nonprofit organizations.  Helping develop their leadership capabilities is our way to help them fulfill their important missions.


Our Services Cover The Following Areas:

nonprofit board development

We bring strategic development to nonprofit boards to improve individual and board effectiveness:

  • Improve the board member recruiting process​​

  • Enhance the trustee onboarding experience

  • Elevate board meeting effectiveness

  • Maximize committee participation and success

  • Create a continuous learning and improvement culture

  • Develop board leaders and prepare for successions

Succession Planning


Emergency transition Management

Leaders will depart. Be ready. Plan ahead.  Succession planning is a critical risk management tool for planned and unplanned changes in your leadership team.

  • Emergency transition planning is the first step to prepare for unexpected departures.  Partnering with your executive team, we facilitate key decisions to be made, identify individuals who should be involved, and capture critical information and documents to share.

  • Building on the emergency transition plan, we design strategic succession planning processes to prepare board and staff leaders to be ready for leadership roles.

Leadership Development

We develop leadership capabilities and readiness for professionals, executives, and nonprofit board members.

1. For staff, our Readiness Check Assessment and Development Planning Process will prepare nonprofit professionals working toward senior-level positions including the Executive Director/CEO role.  The feedback on 15 leadership dimensions will provide a snapshot of strengths as well as those areas that are growth opportunities.  

​2. For boards, we employ a number of tools to evaluate leadership readiness, and then partner with the board development team to prepare future leaders.


strategic staffing


performance management

To create high-performing organizational cultures, we help organizations uncover and update their Core Values.  We then identify the behaviors and skills that reflect those values in their culture.  These values-driven, organizational specific skills can then be integrated to align all aspects of the Performance Management process including: 

  • ​​​Hiring, training, & development​

  • Performance review coaching & feedback

  • Leadership Development and Succession Planning

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