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Organizational Consulting

We provide strategic consulting to enhance individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.  

In every organization, Human Resources are our most valuable resources.  This is true for Fortune 100's and Nonprofits.  Staff, Leadership, and Board development are critical for long-term sustainability and success.

We especially value working with nonprofit organizations.  Helping develop their leadership capabilities is a wonderful way to help them fulfill their important missions.


Our Services Cover The Following Areas:

Succession Planning & Emergency transition Management

  • Leaders will depart. Be ready. Plan ahead.

  • Succession planning is a critical risk management tool for planned and unplanned changes in your leadership team.

  • Emergency transition plans are your first step to prepare for unexpected departures.

Leadership Development

We develop leaders:

  • Non-Profit Executives

  • Business Leaders

  • Non-Profit Board Members

non-profit board development

We bring strategic development to Non-Profit boards to improve individual and board effectiveness:

  • Improve the board member recruiting process​​
  • Enhance the trustee onboarding experience
  • Elevate board meeting effectiveness
  • Maximize committee participation and success
  • Create a continuous learning and improvement culture
  • Develop board leaders and prepare for successions

strategic staffing & performance management

We create high-performing organizational cultures by developing and implementing organization-specific models of Core Values and Behaviors/Skills to align all aspects of the Performance Management process including:

  • ​​​Hiring, training, & development​

  • Performance review coaching & feedback

  • Leadership Development and Succession Planning


Succession Planning

"Mercer Street Friends needed high level assistance to get started on Succession Planning and Betsy Wallace provided that for us while also educating our trustees on best practices regarding this important responsibility."

Bernie Flynn / CEO, Mercer Street Friends / 2022

Board Development

"I want to thank you and Allison for your organizational support and all I learned from working with you both on governance issues." 

Elane Gutterman, PhD / Board Governance Chair / West Windsor Arts

Board Development and Succession Planning

“Allison Howe and Betsy Wallace are a wonderful team to work with. They helped us achieve significant board development goals and realize related best-practices driven enhancements. They helped us identify relevant objectives, kept us on task, and were instrumental in our achieving measurable results.  We benefitted greatly from having them in our corner and I heartily endorse them.”

Tom Pryor / Board Chair, Anchor House / 2021

Organizational Consulting

"Betsy was able to provide a very simple and streamlined approach to providing a narrative for the very specific work that we do at our non-profit organization. Often times we are doing the work that is in the background and not often able to be brought to the fore front out in a way that is representative of the true heart of the staff and organization as a whole. The process was not yet another thing to add to the to-do list as it was very manageable and easy to complete due to the way that the activities were structured."

Tamara Noizy, M.A. / Director of Family Support Services / Milhill Child and Family Development Corporation / 2021

Succession Planning & Emergency Transition Management

"I went into Betsy’s Succession Planning session thinking that I had a handle on what we needed to work on for our succession plan. There was much that was shared that reinforced that we have been “doing the right” thing in preparing our succession plan. This was comforting. What I also learned were the areas that we had not focused on and how important these areas are to get right (well-defined job descriptions comes to mind). Collectively, I learned a lot about what I do and DO NOT have in place. I left the session with the energy and direction I needed to make a difference in our planning process."

Marion Reinson / Executive Director, The Suppers Programs Inc. / 2020

"Thanks so much for the guidance and insight you provided to the Isles Transition Committee as we undertake the process of selecting a search firm or consultant.  I also appreciate the references and article you provided and your thoughts about how to support our founder during this time of transition." 

Linda Revelle / Board Chair, Isles Inc. / 2019 Transition Project

Non-Profit Board Leadership Development

"For the past few years, Betsy and I have served as board members on the Rise Community Services Partnership located in Mercer County, New Jersey.  I have been a member for several years and have witnessed a measurable growth and professionalism since Betsy’s arrival and election to Board Vice President.  Her knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the Rise Board are most impressive. Having served on small ad hoc committees with Betsy evaluating a senior staff member and full board meetings  I can attest to the fact that no matter how large or small a group, Betsy always brings wonderful ideas to the table. In the past few years, our Board has expanded in size, responsibility, and professionalism.  I truly believe that Betsy’s arrival had much to do with our success."

Alan Rosenberg / Councilman, East Windsor Twp. NJ / Board Member RISE / 2020

Strategic Staffing & Performance Management

"Betsy facilitated a meeting which encompassed a large and diverse group of individuals.  Staff members from the store and office were able to interact with one another in a comfortable off-site environment where they were encouraged to share positive feedback through short exercises.  It was the first time that the entire staff met in the same location and for some it was an opportunity to connect in person without interruption.  Betsy was well prepared and encouraged people to participate who were a little reserved while keeping the more talkative individuals on task—not an easy feat!


The meeting was scheduled to discuss the analysis of one-on-one interviews with Betsy regarding our non-profit organization’s mission and vision.  We discussed how each person’s values and skills aligned with the organizational ethos.  It was an eye-opening experience to find out how many of the self-identified values overlapped with those of our organization as a whole.  We know that our team feels passionate about the work that we do but the  group and individual exercises reinforced the common cluster of values.  We also gained a new perspective on how others may feel differently based upon prior life and work experiences.  I would highly recommend Wallace Leadership Consulting for your human resource and development consulting needs."

Kristen Cere / Development Director, RISE / 2018 Project for RISE

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