Non-Profit Board Development

We bring strategic development to nonprofit boards to improve individual and board effectiveness:
  • Improve the trustee recruiting​ process
  • Enhance the trustee onboarding and training process
  • Create a continuous learning and improvement culture
  • Develop board leaders and prepare for successions



"For the past few years, Betsy and I have served as board members on the Rise Community Services Partnership located in Mercer County,


New Jersey.  I have been a member for several years and have witnessed a measurable growth and professionalism since Betsy’s arrival


and election to Board Vice President.  Her knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the Rise Board are most impressive. 


Having served on small ad hoc committees with Betsy evaluating a senior staff member and full board meetings  I can attest to the fact


that no matter how large or small a group, Betsy always brings wonderful ideas to the table. 


In the past few years, our Board has expanded in size, responsibility, and professionalism.  I truly believe that Betsy’s arrival


had much to do with our success."

Alan Rosenberg/Councilman, East Windsor Twp. NJ/Board Member RISE/2020

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