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As part of your emergency preparedness plans, have you included your Leadership team?

If a key leader becomes unavailable, have you identified individuals to step in? Has this been communicated? Does everyone have the information they need? Here are some tips to keep your leadership team ready to manage your organization through these uncertain times.

Emergency Transition Plan:

  • Identify potential interim step-ins and back-ups for all key positions.

  • Communicate who will do what and other changes with entire staff.

  • Identify key clients, vendors, and other stakeholders and collect their contact info to share with key staff.

  • Share passwords, bank account info, procedures, and calendar of events with key staff.

  • Nonprofits—Convene your Transition Team to review your succession plan and emergency transition plan. Agree upon board member interim responsibilities.

Communication from your Leaders is so important for reducing stress among staff and clients, for motivating your teams, and for preparing for whatever comes next. If your organization has time available, encourage Managers to speak 1-1 with their staff members about any personal challenges they and their families are facing at home, performance check-ins, and career development updates.

Good health to you all!

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Betsy Wallace leads

"Succession Planning for Sustainability"workshop

I went into Betsy’s Succession Planning session thinking that I had a handle on what we needed to work on for our succession plan. There was much that was shared that reinforced that we have been “doing the right” thing in preparing our succession plan. This was comforting. What I also learned were the areas that we had not focused on and how important these areas are to get right (well-defined job descriptions comes to mind). Collectively, I learned a lot about what I do and DO NOT have in place. I left the session with the energy and direction I needed to make a difference in our planning process.


Marion Reinson

Executive Director

The Suppers Programs, Inc.


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