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Non-Profit Tips/Suggestions

April 2, 2020

Nonprofit Leaders,

Does your Board of Directors feel a sense of urgency to support your organization during the Covid-19 disruption and uncertainty? They almost certainly do. How are you harnessing their compassion and commitment?

Timely Example: I serve on the board of Rise in Hightstown, New Jersey and those folks rock! Last night was our monthly board meeting. Like many nonprofits, Rise had to suspend some important services to our clients, which is painful for both staff and clients. On the other hand, the food pantry is in even greater demand as nearby pantries close and the number of hungry families increases. Donations from restaurants are dwindling because they are emptying their freezers as they struggle.

A daunting situation? Yes, but when the agenda turned to “How the board can help” the folks on the call stepped right up displaying compassion, determination, and creativity to rise to the needs of the crisis. Realizing that now is the time to enlist support from friends, both individuals and corporations, they committed to some amazing strategies to fill the pantry.

How can you help your organization’s Board and “Friends of the Board” step up?

  • Communicate early and often with changes and needs of the organization.

  • If individuals are motivated to start up a new initiative in response to Covid-19, remove roadblocks and communicate their plans and requests for help.

  • Keep your website updated so everyone is aware of the changes and how they can help.


During times of crisis, people want to help. Your job is to help them help. And, if you are moved to help Rise stock the food pantry, visit

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