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Professional Interviewing Skills

You will learn how to:

  • Sell yourself for school, job, or scout award interviews

  • Plan for the interview

  • Build rapport with interviewers

  • Prepare insightful questions and articulate answers

  • Learn the Do's and Avoid the Don'ts 

Format of 1-1 Coaching Program: 

   - 1-2 weeks before meeting, receive pre-work to prepare and tailor session for your goals

   - 2 hour private coaching session includes skill building, role-playing interview scenarios, and videotaping the          student's answers.  We then review the recordings to assess strengths and areas to work on. 

   - Work on real-time upcoming interviews and keep the recordings for future reference

   - Participant is welcome to email with questions after the session.

   - To practice for future important interviews, additional sessions can be scheduled via phone, Zoom or in                person for an additional fee.

Format for Interview Workshops:

   - Receive pre-work 1 week prior to workshop to prepare

   - 2 hour workshop with limited participants (10 max) for max practice and feedback

   - Work on real-time upcoming interviews and take home video recordings.

   - 45 min private 1-1 coaching follow-up maximizes learning and solidifies skill development



"I was a participant in the professional interviewing skills workshop and I could not have asked for a better experience. The pre-work handouts adequately prepared me for workshop. Betsy was a superior instructor and within 2 hours, I felt all the more confident in my interview skills. The practice interview and handshake were definitely the most useful and important part of the workshop itself. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to take their interviewing skills to next level."

- Kesly Vargas, LEAP Participant, Rutgers University Honors College, 2018

"The Professional Interview workshop really helped me because I’ve been to so many interviews before and I was unaware of the fact that I should research more about the company or job I’m applying to. I also learned to be more prepared for the questions the interviewer asks."


-Joe Jo, Villanova University

"Working with Mrs. Wallace in the professional interviewing skills workshop has been an eye-opening experience. Our session taught me many helpful techniques for displaying confidence and answering specific questions. Most significantly, during the authentic interview practice, we were able to pinpoint my strengths and aspects I could improve upon. Mrs. Wallace is a wonderful instructor, interactively providing me with feedback and suggestions. I am very happy to have a strong platform on which to further develop my interview skills!"

- Adrienne Wang, Stuart Country Day School Senior, 2018

"Thanks again so much for all your work with Gordy in the one-on-one interviewing session. The pre-work you assigned was excellent; writing his responses helped him think through what the admissions officer would be looking for in a prospective student. It was a great idea to have him choose his outfit for the interview and wear it to your work session as he felt much more organized getting ready the day of the interview. I know he was hesitant about filming his question and answer session, but he actually commented about how helpful it was to be able to watch and evaluate his performance afterwards.  Gordy was able to present himself in a confident and effective manner after his interview session with you. He was very thankful to have taken the time to work with you before the interview day."

- Cyndy Hesterberg, Mother of Senior at WWPS - HS, 2018

"My son really enjoyed working with you and he felt that it was very useful!  He had his interview and they asked questions that you helped him prep with.  The interview was a very positive experience. He even followed up with a thank you email.  It was wonderful to see him grow in this way."

- Debi Vivona, Mother of Senior, 2018



ADditional One-on-one


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